Dance DynamiX

Malden, MA

DynamiC Dance Classes for Kids!


“we love what we do!”

Dancers at Dance DynamiX come to class to learn dance, be with friends,  and experience the joy and magic of performing on a stage.  Dance teachers at Dance DynamiX strive to pass on their own dance training and experiences to the dancers, as well as communicate how dance can help develop everyday skills and teach life lessons.

At Dance DynamiX,  there are many opportunities for this age group to take multiple styles of dance from master teachers, join competition teams, attend dance conventions and workshops and have fun!  Students  build confidence and self-esteem through improving physically and artistically as a dancer 

Preschool children enjoy classes Saturday mornings and soon, as of September 2015, weekday mornings and early afternoons.  Our summer day camps give younger children  the chance to enjoy dance every morning for 5 days!

For the

Adult Danc​er

For the   Little Dancer

Dance DynamiX

376 Washington St. Suite 110

Malden, MA 02148


If you want your child to be dynamic like our dancers, contact us below!

Registration and Open Houses

Tuesday, August 23, 5-8pm

Friday, August 26, 5-8pm

​Saturday, September 10, 9am-12 noon

  • Instructors with Dance Degrees
  • Instructors with Education, Yoga and Fitness Degrees
  • Dance ComPanies
  • Scholarships
  • Group instruction
  • Private Instruction

Dance DynamiX is a great studio for older dancers to get their groove on.  Funk jazz, hip hop, ballet and fitness classes are offered.  Adult dancers are an integral part of the performances and have so much fun on stage! Our program for adults is growing, too!


​For the Elementary School Dancer